It’s show time! Yep, it’s that point in the year where the ladies flaunt their style and primp, preen and tan themselves within an inch of their sassy lives.

Us ladies are like a finely tuned shopping machine, co-ordinating appointments, choosing outfits, searching for hours, down to the very finer details of what colour to paint their toenails! Now we’re off and racing with these 4 favourites tipped to be winners in the 2017 style stakes…

1. Go with the Flow

Say goodbye to tight structured curls. Curls are not for the girls, unless of course you are blessed with these tresses. Think soft, brushed out waves. Cascading softly to either suit a romantic style dress, or soften an edgy little number.

If you have length show it off, just add a nice wave with some volume. I’m not suggesting to tie it up either, if it’s waved avoid wearing it up, go girly and take advantage of a trend that won’t leave you pulling out a thousand bobby pins at the end of the day.

2. Sleek on Fleek

The power play looks of a sleek ponytail or slick back high quiff are also favourites of mine trending this season. This gives a fierce and professional look when paired with a power suit for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

This is not just about whipping your hair back and fourth in a ponytail like you would wear on the netball court, it’s about carefully preparing, drying, blow waving, and getting the right height of where to position that mane of sleeky goodness.

I would also advise to get an experienced hair stylist to create the perfect sleek ponytail for you. It’s all in the prep and proper hands of a stylist that creates that precision look of sleek on fleek…

3. Messy buns have all the fun

Centre stage at this years Brownlow awards, there were many a bun floating down the red carpet. These buns were the showstoppers of the outfits. So if you’re looking for a hairstyle to go front and centre and take all the attention then head towards a big bun (excuse the pun)

Down low or up high, give your self a high five in the style stakes with a messy bun. If you are lacking in the hair department, there are little magic things called donuts, or hair fillers.

Similar to the little sponges you find while wandering down at the beach, your hair stylist can carefully pin these to your own hair then back comb over the top of the fillers to give the illusion of more hair and a bigger bun. We all like big buns and we cannot lie!

4. Hats, Fascinators & Headpieces

Taking a leaf out of gorgeous and talented Australian designer Chantelle Ford’s creations, I immediately got swept away in a world of meticulously designed headpieces. There’s no need to look any further for what’s trending in this space, lets take you on a quick visual rundown on some looks to “knock ‘em dead.”

Femme Floral

Pretty but with some punch! Wow, floral has come a long way. The ranges of colours in these headpieces are so abundant, how will you choose? With such a broad range of flowers this enables you to choose a headpiece to complete your outfit. Soft or sharp if you’re after femme that packs some girly spunk these headpieces will be blooming delightful!


Spiky and geometric metallics pair perfectly with sleek hairstyles. Adding some shine and shape in a headpiece will have you stepping out like a queen on those green fields. Pointing in all the right directions, edgy metallic will make you shine bright like the diamond that you are.


Red doesn’t mean stop, it means run riot! Red is off and racing this spring carnival season and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Red feathers, mesh, felt, leather and flowers all look on fire this spring. Combine your ideas to come up with a headpiece that you will be bringing back out of the box for more meetings this year. Nobody puts red in the corner…

Baby Got Black

Clearly a wardrobe staple, black is always back. Add with a pop of colour and it’s like someone pulled the rabbit out of a hat…just magic. Chantelle has so many beautiful classic styles along with some showstoppers that will push the boundaries of even a closet black only wearer. Put your bets on early that black will be placing well in the style stakes also.

In summary

So ladies after that style overload of ideas on hair and headpieces I hope I have not blown that hat or hair idea right off the top of your head ;) Whatever you do don’t get wrapped up in a whirlwind of confusion, stand strong in where your style takes you. Go with the colours you feel drawn too, make sure there is a level of comfort, although we all know we will be sporting some sore feet in the pursuit of looking on point.

Be inspired by Ford Millinery, with her bold and glamorous pieces. Get pinning ideas to take along to your stylist for those hairstyles. Get racing out of those gates and let these ideas lead you out in front of the pack.



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