Every woman knows that hats, caps, eyewear and hair accessories are bigger than 80’s legwarmers. But are you making the right choices? Let me guide you to making better fashion decisions.

There’s many trends that are so lit they are hard to source from your local shops, that’s why I’ve written this blog and also made some of these styles available in my shop. I’ve been keeping a keen eye on some uber cool trends that are not going to hurt your bank account as much as your partner is thinking.

Hats & Caps

Caps are ALL TIME cute AF. There are so many styles to choose from. Taking your day to day outfit from drab to mad, hats are at an all time most wanted.

Do you open up your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and there they are, adorning every model and friend that you may follow.  Hats, hats and more hats. Fedoras, berets, beanies, wide brims, straw, baseball & faux fur.

But what style suits you? Well it all comes down to what you feel comfortable in. I think a big consideration to take into account is the length of hair you have and your face shape. We all generally tend to lean towards one style over our life, but try to be open to a different style, as a hat is a key staple that can update your whole look.

A personal fave I have discovered that is available on my online shop is The Claudia Beret Hat, and also the Jasmine Cap. Simple little caps in great colors that are a casual updater for that coffee date with friends… You also can’t go wrong with the Moscow Moscow Hat. A real fashion forward wardrobe accessory essential.

I’m going to be updating Hats & Caps more than I’m probably going to be washing my hair. Hello dry shampoo!


Or if you’re going to get fancy on me, eyewear. I’m talking cat eye, crazy frames, wire rims, translucent, colored lenses, plastic frames, ombré lenses, hipster square, round sixties, embellished & retro. What ever catches your eye, excuse the pun, will work for you if you have the attitude to go with it.

I’m guilty of owning multiple pairs of sunnies, maybe to match with my multiple personalities ;) My theory is that I need a different style of sunglasses depending on my hair, outfit and vibe. (And age maybe ha )

Seen on the catwalks, and in nearly every clothing store now, there will always be a rack display off sunglasses. It’s an essential woman’s accessory for 2018. Again what do you choose? Again a bit of confidence goes a long way when wearing the newest trends in eye wear. Face shape does play an important role so know your limits if you’re not a rule breaker like me.

If you can’t break away from the normal shape that you choose, how about mixing up the color or texture? You have every color of the rainbow available to you, so maybe it’s time to make a change for the better. Just a simple change like this can shake up your look and get your motivated for other fashion trends to follow ;)

I have compiled a delicious range of eye wear for you to drool over. Personal faves which are surprisingly flattering on most face shapes are the Valencia Flat Top Sunglasses. Coming in super cool colors, one being a translucent baby blue which is to die for.

Hair Scarfs & Scrunchies

When we hear the word “scrunchie” we no longer shiver and feel nauseous. We wonder who the cool Mo-Fo is that brought them back?

An eighties icon as big as the leg warmers, the scrunchie trend is hitting the world like a tsunami fashion wave.

Wear it high or wear it in a low ponytail you’ll be feeling the 80’s vibe. Also hot on the heels of the scrunchie is the hair scarf. Stunning patterns are being placed on pretty heads around the globe. Have yourself looking on point and all tied up in the latest trend of the head scarf. An easy way to also update your look or just when you need to give your drab hair a bit of a helping hand.

Weaved into braids or worn more like a bandana, the flexibility of hair scarfs makes it an easy no brainer go to if your not quite up for a hat or eyewear change. Big bows in your hair with a hair scarf is easy, if you’re not afraid of making a statement. The big bow can also be a focal point for an entire outfit if it’s attention you want.

The Uncanny Bow Tie Headband will give you a bit of a taste for both, not being too big or slipping under the radar either.If you need to find the perfect scrunchie look no further than the Velvet Crush Scrunchie. Beautiful velvet is a must have texture for this year. The look and feel of velvet screams pure street style without trying to hard.

Hot Handbags

And where do we put our eyewear & hair accessories when we aren’t wearing them? In your new trending handbag…derrr! As well as being just an all round collector of things that you thought were missing, when really they were just floating around the depths of the bottom of you bag, it really is the key final statement piece of every outfit.

Are you loving all the vintage boho bags getting around?  Teamed with a touch of leather and gorgeous canvas colors, they are your go to for an all rounder bag.

Other bags trending in 2018 are fluffy faux fur delights, just so fluffy, comfy & cute. Along with the rattan cane bags that are so huge I predict this to carry on into the following summer. Some of you may even be lucky enough that your mum has stored away her bag from her hippy days, and hopefully it is mint condition. If not you’re in luck with an array of boho bags such as the Byron Bay Sheek Bag which I adore with cute summer outfits or distressed jeans and a simple white tee.

Don’t forget the Duffle, Messenger, tote, artsy , sporty and plastic chic bags, making a huge statement also this year. So depending on the needs and versatility of your bag, whether it be for show, to match an outfit or be your one off bag for the next 5 years, be mindful to think that maybe you could pull this out of your collection in years to come and still be on the cool kids list.

Now if you weren’t already excited for 2018 you now should be!

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