Yep it’s bloody freezing. Us Vico’s know it all too well. It’s time for hibernation and looking after our short and curlys… well you know, maybe even the hair on your head too.

For me, I think winter can be just as damaging as the Aussie summer. I think the extremities of this cold snap really can dull our hair… BLAH! This means attack with some good products and splashes of deeper colour.

It’s a time when you can go that bit richer with the tones of your hair to give it some lov’n. Recently myself having a big chop and low lights mixed amongst my blonde I’m feeling it was a super wise move.

Adult decisions can come hard to me, but chopping my hair shorter was like a breath of fresh air. And oh my, aren’t my mornings not as rushed with less hair to style and blow wave.

So the moral to the story is hair abiding citizens of Australia, mainly down south… is to mix it up with your mop, look after your frizzies and tame the mane when it’s getting chilly.

Author Bianca Spokes

Born with blade handling skills like no other, Neon Bimbo is ready to slice. The mystical gypsy go getter Edwina Scissorhands is explained right here. Twenty years on and probably enough hair inhaled to compete with the common moggy cat, there has been lots of accolades along the way.

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