Customer Service

Just like a new born baby our customers will be cradled by our support ninjas.

Good customer service is the new black. Although we like to venture away from wearing one color.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re lying awake at 2am, yeah those questions. Well maybe not, but we’ve read your mind and compiled them here.

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Shipping & Delivery

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Neon Bimbo shipping and delivery terms. Just like superman, Neon Bimbo’s shipping and delivery team is working round the clock to ensure a smooth flight right to your doorstep, minus the cape.

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Refund Policy

Refund is not a dirty word. So for whatever reason or the season, all due refunds within the guidelines will be coughed up to you in a pleasant manner.

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Terms & Conditions

Wake me up when you’re done reading. Oh I mean, this is really important stuff you need to read carefully. How about you just skip it and pop something else cool in your cart?

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Privacy Policy

Was that you I saw running from the bathroom without a towel? Just joking. That’s your delivery guy not me ;)

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Contact Neon Bimbo

Why hello. You’ve reached god. Not really its Neon Bimbo, I sort of play god, but in a styling sort of way. I will try and answer some of your prayers and wishes. After hairdressing for 22 years I’m pretty much a trained psychologist so give it your best shot.

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