Frequently Asked Questions

Women really do need to talk more than men. 13,000 more words to be precise. So this means your gunna have some questions right? So here we’ve tried to read your mind and come up with the most frequently asked questions.

When you’re lying awake at 2am, (yeah those questions) well maybe not, but we’ve read your mind and compiled them here.

About your service

Yes, this is very important for all new clients and those wanting a new service or something different to their normal service.

This is a free service and will take around 15 minutes.

Contact Me

Yes, you can and it is encouraged. This helps me understand the direction you are planning for your hair and ultimately sets up your visions for your hair.

You can always liaise with me across multiple social channels or in person at the salon. Please keep in mind most of my communication is done within business hours but not strictly and you will get a response within 24 hours.

In a nutshell, the more we communicate, the better the results. Connect with me below.

I offer all types of haircuts, colours and extension services. To get into the nitty gritty, click the book now button below to see the menu of services that will go into more detail.

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I am a fully qualified hairdresser with over 35 + years of experience in the industry. I have won many awards over the years, but the biggest reward is my loyal clientele and following.

Ask any hairdresser the pace they work, and how important it is that clients arrive promptly and respect the tight schedules that we run to. Some services can be from 30 minutes right through to 3-4 hours depending on what the client needs.

Deposits are a way to make the client accountable for their appointment and will make up part of the no-show or cancellation fee. This fee is typically half of the service side of the appointment only.

So deposits for hair extensions (typically $500) are fully refunded, minus half of the service only.

I offer multiple ways to keep you abreast of your appointment to ensure very clear and open dialogue via email and SMS.

Read The Policy

This is a tricky one, for the most part, Yes. When booking online I show my prices, but it is not an exact science, so I will advise you before your appointment if we need to adjust your booking time and price, this can be due to several factors:

  • Wrong service selected.
  • Colour history not disclosed.
  • Application time.
  • Hair volume and length.
  • Hair health or previous damage.
  • Transformation expectations.
  • Clean hair or styling products in hair.
  • Client change of mind.

When I have a good repertoire with my regular clients, I have a good idea of hair health and goals and can accurately provide more detailed prices.

But don’t worry, you will never be caught by surprise.

Yes, I can help with that. We have intensive treatments offered in the salon, and also will advise on which products can help at home, and give you professional advice on the road forward to improving your hair.

We proudly accept Visa, Mastercard, AfterPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Good ol’cash. (just wont be able to provide change with this payment method)

Yes, of course you can. I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and if you need to cancel or change your appointment, I kindly request at least 24 hours advance notice.

Cancellations made with less than the specified notice period may result in disruption to our schedule and inconvenience to other clients.

To help me maintain my high standards of service, appointments cancelled with insufficient notice may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Either reach out or edit your appointment this from the link in the confirmation email sent to you, But please keep in that I may not be able to fit you in your adjusted time frame. I will always work with you around your appointments and find the most suitable adjustments based on the service and current bookings I have to juggle.

See Cancelation Policy

I know we make mistakes and key in the wrong information. I can always fix this for you if you let me know. My Booking system I use is Timely, when you make a booking you will need to provide your email and phone number.

All appointments get sent the following by email and SMS.

  • Appointment Received
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Day Before Reminders

I suggest you create an account with Timely upon booking, to make your future appointments quicker to reduce input errors.

At Neon Bimbo we strive to provide exceptional service and accommodate the needs of all my valued clients. In order to maintain the efficiency and availability of my services, I kindly request your cooperation with my no-show and cancellation policy.

By booking an appointment with Neon Bimbo, you agree to adhere to the following policy.

Read The Policy

Yes, I do. Nothing better than the gift of good hair. Gift Cards are not transferrable for cash or refunds. They can be used as part payments, and balances are maintained. Your eGift Cards never expire.

All Gift Cards are not physical Gift Cards and are delivered via email. If you would like to slip one into a envelope, I have a printed ones that you can buy on request at no extra cost.

Buy Gift Card Check Balance.

No, but I’m working on this. Nothing more than word of mouth, and to share this with my clients is something I’d really like to do and show my appreciation for you supporting local business.

This referral program will only be honoured for Neon Bimbo Clients and their referrals only. Stay Tuned for more information. You will know as soon as I know.

Pre & Post Appointment Care

I can always wash your hair for you, but I would recommend you arrive at the salon with clean, dry hair free from any styling products. This will help me assess your hair texture and provide an accurate haircut, colour or hair extensions.

See Appoint Instructions

Hair health is important to me. My job is to not just make you look sh*t hot, but ensure you can maintain your hair goals. It also helps me too. When your hair is in good condition, we can achieve this quicker and reduce your salon visits.

I will always guide you in the right direction with the experience of over 35+ years, and many different hair profiles, there is nothing I haven’t been able to achieve for my valued clients.

Read the guide here

If you are concerned we can always offer a skin patch test. These need to be performed 24-48 hours before your service. Please reach out for more information on your specific needs.

About The Salon

You can find Neon Bimbo at Dannyboy locations at 7/110 High Street, Belmont, VIC, Victoria, Australia. I do offer some off-site work, but for the most part, you can find me at the salon in Belmont. To book with me, you must use my booking system, and connect with me through what best suits you.

I expect smoke signals, DMs, emails or even a tap on the shoulder. Please keep in mind, I will always get back to you within business hours and at the most the next day.

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For the most part, NO. But occasionally I will attend a client’s home if health-related issues prevent clients from attending the salon, through to bridal up-dos or working on fashion/product shoots for several brands or media channels. Note: Travel time will make up part of the service fee.

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Long-time friend and hairdressing colleague Danielle Caroll set up Dannyboy in honour of her late father. She has created a creative environment for hairstylists in the bustling High ST in Belmont. You can find Neon Bimbo and a bunch of creatives at Shop 7/110 High Street, Belmont, VIC, Australia, Victoria.

Connect with Dannyboy here