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Step One.


As the ye’ old saying goes consultation is key, in everything! But I like to refer to this as a meet and greet. Let’s talk about what you like and don’t like about your mop or business. Let’s focus on your goals, and make them achievable.  Can you maintain the flow? What products and platforms would you like to learn more about? Are you prepared to commit some time?  Let’s tick some boxes to narrow down the right pathway for you, whilst you are entertained by my ninja-sharp sense of humor.

Step Two.

Business analysis.

This is where I bring out my analytic side and run the numbers. ) I will work with our combined visions and inspiration to create a unique pathway to suit your individual needs.

Step Three.

I’ve got you!

I’m here for the journey. Once you work with me I’m here for the ride. Be it bumpy and challenging I can’t wait to see you grow and watch your business change in ways you never thought possible.

B always manages to wrangle my super thick, neglected locks into cuts and colours that make peeps want to go to her. She's the right mix of taking on board what you're after and adding her own sass. She loves to chat about your ideas and is very honest about what will and wont work. Stoked that I've found this passionate, hair obsessed babe!

Jess ParkerYogi Lover and instrcutor

I have never been a fan of hairdresser visits & would avoid it as much as my hair would let me. Since someone recommended Bianca I have found myself looking forward to it! I'm getting my hair done more than I ever have. I never explain what I want very well but somehow I always leave extremely satisfied with the end result. Cut & colour always spot on & somehow gets better each visit.

Ebony BatemanAll round nice chick

Bianca exceeds my expectations every time! I always enjoy the experience and leave with luscious Hollywood hair thanks for making me feel fabulous Bianca

Stacey EmmaHorse whisperer

Amazing hairdresser, very professional and is always on trend with techniques, colours and styles. I always look forward to my appointment..

Jasmin RazzleBringing the sparkle everyday

Love love love your work

Robyn D BucklandMaking peoples lashes flutter