Keratin bond hair extensions can transform your hair. Here’s a detailed look at the advantages and drawbacks of keratin bond hair extensions.

Hair extensions have always been a go to option for clients looking to change up their hair style without waiting for their own hair to grow. So if you fall into the basket of not having the patience, our you want to gain thickness and volume Keratin Bonds are for you!

Birds Eye View Of Keratin Bonds Application
  1. Natural Appearance: The primary reason many people choose keratin bond hair extensions is that they offer a natural look and feel. These extensions blend in with your own hair, making it almost impossible for others to tell the difference. The Keratin Bonds mimic your own hairs natural movement as they are applied gram by gram.
  2. Longevity: Keratin bond hair extensions are known for their longevity. When cared for correctly, they can give you a beautiful, extended mane for several months without the need for frequent touch-ups.
  3. Styling Possibilities: A great feature of these extensions is their versatility. Just like real hair, you can style them in many ways—curl, straighten, or even dye them to suit your preferences. Keratin Bond extensions can be adapted to suit all hair textures and types.
  1. Expertise Needed: It’s not a DIY job. A professional is needed to ensure that the extensions are installed safely and effectively. Doing it on your own or seeking unqualified help can result in damage.
  2. Lengthy Application: Getting Keratin Bonds can mean sitting in the stylist’s chair for hours. While the end result might be worth it, it’s essential to be prepared for the time investment.
  3. Commitment to Upkeep: Maintaining these extensions needs dedication, which might include using specific hair products or regular salon visits to keep them looking great.
  4. Hair Damage Risk: Just like any hair procedure, there’s a chance of damage. If not handled carefully or if extensions are removed too quickly, it can cause hair breakage or thinning.

Advantages & Drawbacks Summary 

Keratin bond hair extensions can transform your hair, making your dream hair come to life. But, they need proper care and come with a cost. If you’re unsure, book in for a free consult to have all your questions answered.

The Science Behind It, yep the hair nerdy bit.

Keratin Bond extensions work by using the natural protein, keratin, found in our hair, skin, and nails. This protein gives our hair strength and resilience. When we use keratin as glue to attach hair extensions, it creates a strong bond that blends well with our own hair.

The process involves melting the keratin with heat and attaching the extension to our hair. This method ensures a solid but flexible attachment that lets the hair move naturally.

Caring for Keratin Bond Hair Extensions:

After investing time and money in getting these extensions, it’s essential to ensure they last. First and foremost, using Sulphate-Free shampoos and conditioners is a must.

Sulphates can break down the keratin bond prematurely, leading to slippage or shedding. Avoiding excessive heat directly on the bonds is also crucial, as this can weaken them.

Additionally, regular gentle brushing, starting from the ends and working your way up, can prevent tangling. You will be given a brush that is included in the total cost when having them installed by me.

Lastly, while keratin bond extensions allow for various styling options, it’s advised to avoid oil-based products near the bonds, as they can cause slippage.

Caring For Your New Keratin Bond Extentions

Deciding What’s Right For You:

Choosing the right type of hair extensions depends on various factors, including lifestyle, hair type, desired look, and budget. Keratin bond hair extensions might be ideal for someone looking for a long-term solution and is ready to commit to the care they require, and following the aftercare instructions.

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