Hands up who’s cut a fringe or had your stylist cut your fringe & totes regretted it?… Not this time sunshine. I’ll run you through the hottest fringes strutting around the streets.

The Curtain Fringe

Just imagine those big draping velvet curtains being opened, exposing the main act… you with a fringe!

Usually angled from just above your cheekbones and down, depending on the length chosen, the Curtain fringe is a show stopper for hair in 2018. This fringe is a perfect option if you want to change up your style, without making too much commitment. It’s easy to style, and flattering on most face shapes.

Big and Blunt

Always a revolving hair trend is the Big And Blunt Fringe. It’s a no brainer for those not scared to stand in the spotlight and make an impact. I suggest a very experienced stylist to execute this look. It takes precision and an experienced eye to lead you in the right direction.

There should be no bowls involved with the cutting of this fringe! Don’t think you can cut this look at home with the rusty pair of scissors that have been in the arts and craft box for 10 years.

The Side Sweeper

Bridgette Bardot called and wants her hair back. Step back into the era of big hair and even bigger flares. Side swept fringes are a girls best friend. Adding volume and spunk to any flat haircut. Great to accentuate the shape of your face, particularly suited to round faces to break up a style and flatter your features.

Another easy one to grow out if your not ready for the full commitment of a “real” fringe. And let’s face it, none of us will ever be ready for commitment like that! I usually advise clients to style this in the opposite direction that you want it to sit, naturally flattening out any kinks or waves, then when you push it to the desired side after nearly completely dry.

Voila! Side swept sleek goddess.

Go Punk

It’s time for hairdressers to sharpen their razor blades. Punky, razored fringes cut to go with the natural fall of the hair is also huge at the moment. Little short razored lengths among longer lengths give the perfect punk fringe.

These little fringes are popping up all over the globe, especially with little sharp bobs. These sort of fringes are very unique to each individual and should be cut with the freedom of the natural hair movement a priority.

Great with a shag cut or curly hair, a punk look will set you apart from other bangs.

My recent trip to LA I was inspired massively with the amazing hair and fashion movements. Fringes were everywhere! So don’t be shy to speak to your stylist about getting a fringe, or just changing up your look. You know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday and I couldn’t agree more!

Chop chop…