Behind the scenes at Somérfield Beauty Hair Cap shoot…

It’s all about being over prepared on the day of the Somérfield shoot. You get the brief, meet the crew & models, and turn up to the location hoping for the video gods to be looking down on you with a cheeky wink wishing you good luck!

Yeah I know what you’re thinking. Another Olaplex fad or hair treatment craze that will trend for a couple of years then it’s on its way as quick as you can run for that Fendi bag on sale.

No, not this. Even I’m shocked. When I first thought hair cap I was reminded of being washed back in the bath with my Mum putting face washers over my face so the shampoo would stay out of my eyes. (Big cry baby!) I’m not sure if hair cap brings up the same memories for you, but it certainly wasn’t a highlight in my childhood years

So let’s set everyone reading this straight! This is the bomb Somérfield is god dam deliciously soaking with goodness! So much so I’ve been easily convinced to recommend to my own clients. And they are happy customers (as the saying goes) Some of these clients repairing damaged locks like never before.

The proof is in the pudding

When the models rocked up I did think to myself (quietly) we’re up for a little “hair challenge” here! To get these locks shining on request for the video edits we needed I was going to be put through my stylist ninja paces.

But alas I went ahead, directing the vibe and style with the cool team that collaborated to bring this campaign to life.

Now just to make it even more appealing it’s all organic and animal cruelty free. Big tick for me when navigating what to use and recommend in my business.

Anyone that knows me knows I love animals… Especially dogs, myself having two little fur baby French bulldogs. So, much to my delight who turns up as an EXTRA model BLUE the French bulldog that was ridiculously too cute, and a little distracting for all the models swooning over this delightful ball of fluff.

Blue was just perfect. I love working with animals on shoots! And it all connected back with the animal cruelty free theme.

But wait, there’s more!

Yassss it’s true. Just to make that cap work even better on the hair Somérfield also have a protein booster which is added to the hair before placing the cap on, and didn’t it smell fabulous.

Now for the fun bit. Waiting 10 minutes. This was the only testing bit for the shoot. What do girls do while they are hanging out with a cap on their head? Dahhh take SELFIES silly! This was a great idea so when the campaign comes together we thought we could get the consumer to tag a friend or Somérfield to let everyone know the secrets out! Share and share alike. And it was also good to get some visuals on how to put the cap on. Easy!

So it’s a wrap… well not yet!

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes in getting a shoot just right, but we all had fun in the process, and hey everyone went home with great hair.

So girls and guys is your hair feeling a little unruly or are you frightened about the Aussie summer about to hit… Somérfield isn’t scared, they are here to help. Jump across to there site and get yourself a kit. I highly recommend to treat yo self. And don’t forgot to check out the final shoot below.

If you’re lazy like me you should have really done that first, but thanks for reading anyway I hope I’ve been of some assistance.

Until next time – Neon Bimbo x