Hair ups in ten minutes might be right up your alley

I gotcha. You have no time to sit around in a salon with a head full of hot rollers looking like Marge Simpson. Who does really? So… this has taken quite a while, twenty years to be exact, to come to the conclusion that over thinking & spending too much time on a style doesn’t always bring about the best results.

Back in the day I would say a big hell yes to booking a trial appointment for that special occasion. Let’s get honest ladies. The way you have your hair done in a trial is NEVER going to be exactly the same as on the day, unless of course you don’t wash it out and sleep upright until then.

Now we are living in a on the go, no time for rollers and fuss free lifestyle. We want to look hot and on trend, and we want it done now! Welcome girls, I’ve got you covered. I’m breaking speed limits with some fabulous hair ups that won’t waste your time but have you looking fine!

Let’s get started with some past, present and future ideas that have all been done in the ten minute time zone. Put me to the test or take these ideas to your fellow hair stylist. Thank me later 😉

Messy Ponytails Never Looked So Good…
Messy Ponytails never looked so good…

Quickie Style 1 – The Messy Ponytail

Oh my. This little number is a fall back popular quickie. Destined to please everyone, the messy ponytail is a no fail hair up. As seen on recent block winner Elyse Knowles, she sure knows how to rock this do. Make sure your hair is dry and a little bit gritty before you come in for this style. Back combing to get the right amount of height is ABSOLUTLEY necessary.

After the base of the style is done, if there is a spare couple of minutes I like to finish off by going over and waving individual sections with the straightening iron just to fool people into thinking you have been at the salon for hours on end 😉

Get Your Braid On!
Get your braid on!

Quickie Style 2 – No Fuss Braid

It’s back bigger than ever, the braid. From boxers to fish tails it’s trending right across the globe. Again make sure your hair is a bit gritty, we don’t need clean hair sliding all over the place do we? It’s easier to work with dirty.

If you’re thinking Viking braids I salute you! These are the bomb! Fierce and confident with a sprinkle of femininity is sure to impress.

Or on the other hand, if you want to go soft and show your girly side why not braid around the hairline to give a crown affect but using your own hair.

Whatever the vibe, work quickly with that idea and let it flow, don’t over think just go with it…

We Like Big Buns ;)
We like big buns 😉

Quickie Style 3 – Beach Bun

Lately there seems to be a lot of people riding the wave of the big beach bun. An effortless look of tossing it up takes a bit of co ordination, but in the right hands you get can achieve all that a beautiful bun has to offer.

If you are lacking in the thickness department use a donut or hair filler. These are so simple to apply. Use some bobby pins and carefully place where the bun will be, then a bit of backcombing placed over the top and there you have it!

Low buns or high buns are also a nice alternative if you are heading outdoors when it’s a bit windy, keeping the hair contained instead of getting ruined if wearing down. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to keep it together!

Get Inspired By Your Style Icons.
Get inspired by your style icons.

Quickie Style 4 – Marilyn Waves

Vintage waves are still popular and such a soft pretty look that can be so versatile.

Swept to the side with some volume and back combed so it doesn’t fall in your face, in an instant your look is completely transformed to glamour goddess.

Or for a more structured look, the wave can be done tighter to give that 50’s appeal. The options are endless with waves, it all just depends what style you are looking for.

Pin some ideas to your Pinterest board when you have an event coming up, so by the time you get to the day you are pretty confident in what you are asking for, and as a hair stylist we love when you bring in a idea or image. It makes our job a little easier with a visual from you!

One With The Lot Quicky I’ll Have One With The Lot Please.
One With The Lot Quicky I’ll have one with the lot please.

Quickie Style 5 – One With The Lot

Okay we aren’t talking about Burger Boss or McDonalds! We are talking about collaborating your ideas and your stylist’s ideas together to come up with a hair masterpiece that will be talked about for years to come.

A bit of a braid thrown in, with a side swept ponytail, or dead straight and parted with a zig zag and flicked out at the ends… whatever your taste it’s all about trusting your stylist and letting them work their magic!

In Summery

So there’s a little look into the world of the fast and the furious world of quickie hair ups. It can be done, just sit down, buckle up and enjoy the no fuss hair up. We all know us girls need any spare time we can get to do other important things like shop for that perfect outfit, or get a mani & pedi 😉