Do you like your hair feeling clean, but hate the way it has no life just like you after a two day bender? Well let’s hope most of you have grown out of that phase, but lets face it no wants limp looking locks.

A few years ago I stumbled across evo® Haze styling powder.

Life, or should I say my hair, has changed for the better. I was #blessed (thanks mum & dad) with lifeless fine pathetic strands of hair. Just when I thought my big hair days would never happen, along came this teeny tiny container of miracle styling powder by evo® called Haze.

I know what your thinking, and don’t get me wrong I thought it too. How the hell could that tiny bottle contain such a powder that would A) Last longer than a week or B) Do what it said it would do. It’s honestly one of the most amazing products on the market.

Lasting for a good few months, even for the over eager powder tippers. Fitting perfectly in your handbag what more could you ask for? It’s the easiest powder to work with that I have come across, and let me tell you over 23 years of doing mops I’ve seen multiple styling powder wannabee products but they never have impressed like Haze styling powder.

This isn’t just a phase, its Haze…

The proofs in the pudding, or in this little box of goodness as you will discover. I’ve used this on many clients mops with fine hair that need a gritty textured look with lots of choppy movement.

Haze styling powder is also handy if you are on the end of your colour and it’s not just doing as it’s told and going limp just looking at the bottle of shampoo sitting in your bathroom.

Get it in there on your roots for extra volume, and before you know you will be flippin your hair around like you just don’t care! As evo® quotes “This old school powder will give your hair some bulky texture to play with when it’s suffering from the flop. Think voluminous birds nest, but in a good way.”

I couldn’t agree more evo®.

Bravo on producing one of the best products on the market, our birds nest has never looked so good, and this is my clients number one product on their wanted list. Sells out quicker than Justin Bieber tickets x.