What is a normal day for the one who chops you ask? Answer = There is no normal day. That’s why I’m still shearing years down the track.

Today for example I’m blogging away. A new found love of mine that was discovered, by my amazingly talented partner. His words precisely… holy shit babe you can write!

So now, an avid word doer has been added to my repertoire, or as the pros like to call it copy writing or content creation ;) I get another avenue to express what I love to do. How cool is that. Now I can keep track of what I do and show everyone that not only do I seem to talk a lot of shit I also can write a lot as well! I was going to get all deep and mooshie but let’s face it, I’m a professional shit spinner of words, it’s part of my job, keeping you entertained.

One thing that never changes with me though on the serious side of things is routine. It’s slightly OCD I will admit, but not everyone is perfect. I process what I’m going to do the day before my busy schedule. I quite often have images ready for clients booked in the next day, so I’ve got a mental plan of how the day will pan out. And when I say mental I mean mental! This is usually the way in a ninjas life.

If I’m mentally planned for the day ahead I can do more things on the fly also, giving much better results for productivity and being a loose cannon. Expect the unexpected!

I usually don’t sit down much and one of my toes tends to go numb on my right foot. (I really hope no one reading this is feeling ill at the thought of my hooves, sorry in advance). I have no idea why I mentioned this, maybe it’s because a common questioned asked is do my hands hurt, well no, not until I slice them with scissors or something stupid like that.

I’m pretty much suggesting that I would lose a toe for my career. I mean, no pain no gain right? And speaking of which I recently acquired a new pair of blades that set me back a small fortune enough to feed a family for a month. These little rippers are an absolute delight to create with, but they come with the hefty price tag. Another thing some common folk don’t understand, and why I scream blue murder when my partner suggests cutting clothes tags off with them… hold up right there buddy!

There’s nothing really better than seeing my clients, they are like extended family. They have let me do my thing over the years and continue to do so. They tell me when I’m annoying, love it when I have new sad jokes to tell, and can’t believe I’ve raised such a normal functioning teenage daughter. Thanks for the vote of confidence fam-bam.

My career has gone through many cycles of good fashion and dodgy fashion. I’ve seen it come and go, and I also see new things that excite me on a daily basis, unfortunately not my reflection in the mirror… I said it before you did. Ever evolving I roll with the changes and I’m lucky enough to express it everyday. Cheers to the haters and lovers. Over-and-out.

Author Bianca Spokes

Born with blade handling skills like no other, Neon Bimbo is ready to slice. The mystical gypsy go getter Edwina Scissorhands is explained right here. Twenty years on and probably enough hair inhaled to compete with the common moggy cat, there has been lots of accolades along the way.

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