We mere snippers are not just holding our blades by shear luck, we’ve earned our foiling stripes… Frequently I’m asked if I hold the crystal ball to all life’s important questions, “will this haircut look good on me?”

A relationship with your stylist goes above and beyond any trained marriage counsellor… No offense to you guys, I’m sure you’re great at what you do, but a client in a hairdressing chair is going to do way more over sharing of what really goes on behind closed doors.

Some of my clients have been coming to me now for 15+ years. That’s longer than some sentences for serious crime, and average life spans of most relationships. We know you, we know you’re next hair move before you do. We have a sixth sense of when you’re about to call us up for an appointment, we know what you need before you do, we know what you should be doing with your mop. Sorry not sorry.

To be honest, I think the most valuable super power a hairstylist can hold is the ability to read someone like an open book, very quickly. I also refer to this as picking up on your vibes. I’m almost certain you have to be on a psychic level that most spiritual healers would be jealous of to make it in this cut throat industry. Excuse the pun…

Just an example of my mind reading super powers from the other day… I received a message from a client that has been visiting me for the last 5 years. She has resisted change for a while now and is extremely set in her ways. She messaged “need a change, I’m over it, send me some pictures of what you suggest…” Within 5 minutes I had scrolled through my Pinterest board, I knew what colour I needed to forward to her, and what cut. She came in, we did the suggested colour and cut, and it was happy days all round. This client said that it was almost “freaky” when she saw what I had chosen for her, as it was nearly exactly what she had in mind.

I love being on able to offer my super powers to my clients. You can make a change in peoples lives by the way you make them look and feel. The experience and inspiration from all around the world is mind blowing. Ever evolving, this is a trade that will not be replaced by a computer or robot… That shit is only going to be produced from ninjas like us.