When I hear that word, or any hairdresser hears that word, it sends shivers down my spine quicker than you can say Donald Trump.

Corn Yellow, Gold, Banana, Corn On The Cob, and Sunshine all remind me of the dreaded old yella. Unless used in a fashion sense it can look ok, but most clients don’t ever want yella unless they are off to a dress up ‘Y’ themed rave party.

With so many amazing toning shampoos, and lightening agents to get you to the next level, clean blondes have never looked so good. Ash tones have been huge the last few years, everywhere you look are shades of grey.

One piece of advice I do always reinforce to my clever clientele is STAY AWAY from packet dye! We’ve all been down that dodgy aisle I’m sure, but honestly it’s not worth it. The cheap cost nine times out of ten results in the arduous task and hours of hairdressing appointments to either strip it out or get it looking back to some what normal, also leaving a large dent in your bank account.

There’s been many a tear and many a hat to cover up disastrous self-hair dyeing attempts. Straight up if you’re thinking of going lighter, always seek the advice of those with many years experience. Going lighter is always going to involve up keep and expertise.