Ohhh yes I’ve been down the aisle before, and at the time I thought I looked like a princess straight out of a fairy tale… Looking back now… roughly 15 years ago or more, my choice in lemon coloured bridesmaid dresses is probably the reason I never got a gig on their big day! Ha Paybacks a bitch…

My hair was like a lumped pile of cow manure creatively but precisely coiled on top of my head. You could almost be forgiven for mistaking me as some sort of statue trying to keep as frozen as my structured hair do.

So, what point I’m trying to get across here is BE NATURALLY YOURSELF! On your big day you don’t need the added stress of trying to look like something you’re not. Of course we want you to look absolutely amazing, but also recognisable to your future husband to be standing at the other end of the aisle.

If you wear your hair down all of the time why would you wear it up? It always has baffled me how some people feel the need to wear your hair up when it looks perfectly beautiful down?? If soft waves are what you feel most comfortable with, go for it.. If pin straight hair is how you roll, rock it… If you love a messy bun, top knot it!

I highly recommend just complimenting your natural look with a bit more of a polished edge. Add a little braid, a bit more volume or slightly more curl… whatever the extra it is that you choose don’t go over- board! Less is more… Some of my best and most talked about hair-do’s have been completed totally on the fly, usually whilst consuming wine, and with not much time available. Make sure you check out my work to catch a glimpse of some hair-up moments..