Facial hair. The best combination of my two favourite things, faces & hair. Put the two things together and wham! You’ve got yourself a beard.

Say hello to the lumberjack beard. How delightful is that first encounter when your partner sprouts his first beard. It’s like a ray of hairy goodness streaming like manly moonbeams, ready to show you how to hunt for dinner in the wild. (Not really we’ll probably just go get Thai)

Wow, I do get carried away when thinking about beards, but everywhere you turn, whether it be 5 days of growth or a well manicured beard with some length, it’s there, hitting you in your face with all its glory.

I remember back in the day when beards were frowned upon, and only for gross old men above the age of maybe 70… But now it’s so hip to have hair on your chinny chin chin that if you don’t, the beard hipster gods shall look down on you with disgust.

Maybe it’s a 70’s Magnum PI Mo, or maybe it’s a 3 day shadow. Whatever the choice guys we don’t want to see that fresh shiny skin cleanly shaved on your face, leave that action when you go zero to hero with your cool fades.

Now there’s all sorts of oils and wax available to tame and soften your bushy goodness, so there’s no excuse for that creation on your face to get all shabby. Regular trims & expert advice from your stylist ninja can also help in what direction you may need to go in for the perfect beard.

Plus with the cold snap what better way to keep warm and save time shaving in the morning. Use it also as a in-built bib, soaking up those sneaky little spills when you get too excited by your food ;)

Author Bianca Spokes

Born with blade handling skills like no other, Neon Bimbo is ready to slice. The mystical gypsy go getter Edwina Scissorhands is explained right here. Twenty years on and probably enough hair inhaled to compete with the common moggy cat, there has been lots of accolades along the way.

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