Hands up who’s been blonde most of their life? I can put both hands up in the air and wave ’em around like I just don’t care

Just when I thought all hope had faded, along came MUVO®… a new Ultra Blonde Toning Shampoo formula with maximum power strength violet to zap that brassy tinge right out of your locks.

Oh yes, I do hear shudders and the lifting of hair on your arms at the thought of this product drying your hair out like 5 minutes in the microwave would do but alas no, this hydrating formula shampoo is the answer to our clean blonde prayers.

Leave in for 1-5 minutes or longer as I do, especially when I’m getting close to my next hair appointment. Rinse then follow up with the MUVO® ultra blonde conditioner.

This stuff is the goods. Its foams and smells like lollies!

I’d rather be a little on the scared side when using a toning shampoo because let’s face it, something with no kick is going to do absolutely nothing. (It can stain your hands a little but comes off quickly).

So get your hands on this product as I rate it as a necessity to have in the showers of all blonde babes… And it’s Aussie made! Even better. Email me to place your order and I can send through prices & sizes..

Stock up you don’t want to be without MUVO®.